• Rules Of Play

We follow SSUSA Rules https://seniorsoftball.com/?page=7 our ammended rules are below:

  1. One–one count to begin-one  foul ball to waste after 2nd strike, ball must be fair after that.
  2. Five-Run Rule per inning, last inning is open inning (can score all you can within the allotted play time)
  3. Strike zone is home plate and mat, ball must go over batter's head (6-12 ft. arc from the GROUND)
  4. After hitting a fair ball, and while the ball is still live, if the batter-runner carries the bat and touches first base or runs beyond first base while carrying the bat, she is out.
  5. When scoring, the runner who touches the batter’s box or pitching mat is automatically out.
  6. Offensive player must try to avoid contact with defensive player or it is an out. The umpire will rule on this.
  7. There will be a commitment line about 20 feet up the 3rd base side from the pitching plate. Once a runner crosses it they may not return to 3rd base; if they do they will be called out.
  8. Anyone may run for anyone, but the runner may only run for themselves and for someone else once per inning as a substitute. (Unlimited runners). The original batter (runner) may not get a substitute runner and then run for another player later in the same inning.
  9. All players must run unless they are injured and request a runner. A coach cannot put in a substitute runner for an uninjured player.
  10. If you run for someone and you are on base when it's your turn to bat, you will be called out. Teams cannot double substitute for a player. (Example: Use a Runner for someone on base at first and then substitute another runner for that runner at another base.
    1. Exception: injury which requires the initial runner to leave the game.
  11. Injured player or player who leaves the game for call back to work, or personal emergency (children, family etc.) will NOT be an out. Player who is ejected or leaves voluntarily will be an out charged to that team for the next at bat only of that player. After that the position in the batting order is eliminated.
  12. Eleven defensive players. Must bat everyone and play everyone defensively so rotation of people in and out is good for sportsmanship and developing skills. No game will be played or continued to be played with less than 9 defensive players. It will be ruled a “FORFEIT,” and the umpire will exit the field.
  13. Bats must meet Senior Softball USA Rules, and be no greater than 1.21 bpf. Miken Ultra II is allowed (the red and black models--not the gray). No titanium or modified bats allowed. Please see the attached SSUSA approved bat list.
  14. The Pitcher's box consists of the area from the front of the pitcher's plate extending back 6 feet perpendicular to the Pitcher's plate may be used.
    1. The screen will directly face home plate within one to three feet in front of the pitching rubber, if a pitcher chooses to use the full depth of the six foot pitchers box then the screen must be positioned in the one to three foot limits of where he/she chooses to pitch. 
    2. The screen may be positioned anywhere from the outer left side of the pitching rubber for a right handed pitcher to the outer right side of the pitching rubber for a left handed pitcher. 
    3.  Any batted ball striking any portion of the screen as observed by the umpire will be declared a dead ball and the ball will be repitched.
    4. Any pitch delivered with the screen not in a legal position will be declared “no pitch.” If a pitcher refuses to place the screen in the correct position, the umpire will notify the player’s manager and remove the pitcher from the pitching position.
    5. Once the screen is in position it becomes part of the field and may not be tipped over or thrown aside to accommodate a throw from the outfield.
  16. BATTER'S BOX The batter's box is the 3-foot by 7-foot area to which the batter is restricted. The lines are considered as being within the batter's box. At least some portion of both feet of the batter must be on the line or within the batter’s box
  17. The catcher's box is the 8½-foot (2.59 m) by 10-foot (3.05 m) area directly behind the batter's box, to which the catcher is restricted. The lines are considered as being within the catcher's box. At least some portion of both feet of the catcher must be within the catcher's box. The catcher must remain in the box until the pitched ball is batted or touches the ground or plate.
  18. When running to any base, the offensive player must refrain from screaming or waving their arms to distract the defensive player from making the play. This may be deemed as interference by the umpire and the runner may be called out. On double plays, runner must slide, duck, or get out of the baseline when the out is recorded so the defensive player may complete the double play attempt. Umpires may call interference and both the runner and batter will be out. 
  19. All players must be able to run to first base before getting a substitute runner.


No CHILDREN or ANIMALS are allowed in the dugout when games are in progress. If there is a stoppage in playing due to lightning, Children, Fans, and Animals can take refuge in the dugout 

No Smoking in the dugout 

Music may be played in the dugout. Music can not interfere with play.  Be thoughtful of music taste. Think MLB... 

All participants ARE expected to play in the spirit of good sportsmanship, and assume the best intent of all participants.


All games are 1 hour and 10 minutes or 7 innings. The umpire will notify both coaches when 55 minutes have expired so that a determination for the Open Inning can be made, provided there is enough allocated time for it to be played. If the game is tied after 7 innings, the teams will play an international tiebreaker which will be limited to the amount of time remaining in regulation play plus an additional 10 minutes. If the game is still tied when time has expired then the game is over.

The early games will start at 7 pm and should be over at 8:10pm. The late games will start at 8:20pm and should be over by 9:30pm. The lights will go out at 9:45pm, so the games HAVE TO END at 9:40pm  even if mid inning.

International Tiebreaker Definition:

When a regulation game ends in a tie, the International Tie Breaker rule is used. At the beginning of each team's at-bat the last batter from the previous inning is placed on 2nd base.

Rainout Policy:

On days that appear stormy one of the Commissioners will go out to the fields by 5:30- 5:45 to check field conditions and the radar. The umpires will be notified first, then the managers, Your coach will contact you and Kara, our Administrative Assistant, will post on Facebook that the games are cancelled. Sometimes on very  rainy days, the County will close the fields. As they notify us, we will forward that notice to everyone.

The Commissioners will reschedule the games as we are able but we reserve the right to shorten the season if we have too many rainouts and that the impact would seriously delay our intended start of the next season.


Fair territory is that part of the playing field within, and including, the first and third base foul lines from home plate to the bottom of the playing field fence and perpendicularly upwards. (NOTE: Any batted ball first hitting any portion of the strike mat then settling in fair territory is a fair ball. Fair territory includes the strike mat.)

Infield Fly Rule

An INFIELD FLY is a fair fly ball (not including a line drive or an attempted bunt) which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort, when first and second, or first, second and third bases are occupied with less than two outs. The pitcher, catcher and any outfielder who stations himself in the infield on the play shall be considered infielders for the purpose of this rule.

Purpose of Rule

To remove the force play and therefore prevent the fielders from letting the ball drop on purpose for a sure double play. This allows the runners to remain on the base without the potential of being “forced”.

Points of emphasis

  • Must be able to be caught by an infielder – but does not have to be “in the infield”
  • Is determined by the umpires judgement
  • Runner may advance at own risk – if the ball is caught they must still tag up. An infield fly ball is not a dead ball.
  • There cannot be an infield fly rule called on a line drive.
  • The ball must be a fair ball in order to be declared an infield fly.

Fund Raising:

No player is allowed to solicit money from other players in the SWLL or from visitors to the event. Any fundraising activity will handled through the Board. Participation in SWLL sponsored Fund Raising is wholly voluntary.
Players shall not be subjected to give/donate money to any cause that is not approved by the Commissioners.

Rules may be modified at any time by the Rules Committee, consisting of the Director and Commissioners. The rules are based on the SSUSA Rules. 

All players in the Senor Women's Legends League Softball program are expected to conduct themselves in a POSITIVE AND ADULT manner both on and off the field and that when playing will:

Article 1: Abide by the current Senor Women's Legends League rules and policies set forth by the League Commissioners.
Article 2: Accept the decisions of the umpires and the Team Manager in good sportsmanship.
Article 3: Neither TAUNT nor DEGRADE anyone!
Article 4: Avoid bodily contact that may cause injury to others or yourself.
Article 5: Never direct abusive or profane language at umpires, teammates, or opponents.
Article 6: Not commit any act that could be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.
Article 7: Understand winning, while part of the game, should be secondary to fun, recreation, and good sportsmanship.
Article 8: Agree to abide by any and all Sarasota County Parks and Recreation rules.

If a player violates the rules the League Commissioners will meet to determine the disciplinary actions which may include the player being suspended from one or more games. At that time the player may be requested to meet with the League Commissioners to discuss the violation.