The commissioners appreciate all our managers and would like to re-emphasize the rules of the league.

  1. Pick substitute players according to their rating. This is simple. It means picking up a 1 for a 1, 2 for a 2, 3 for a 3, etc. etc… You should always have readily available the current list of players and their ratings and contact numbers. Please line up subs asap to keep the games from being delayed due to lack of preparation. We realize that last minute calls and especially no call/no shows from your players wreak havoc with line-ups. Hopefully you can convince your players of the importance of this concept too. 
  2. Substitute players go to the bottom of your batting order.
  3. You must fill out a line-up form. Yes, this means names, dates, players and substitute players and positions, all properly listed and copies distributed to umpire and opposing team. (There is no space for player ratings and should not be listed on the forms.) We will provide you each with plenty of these forms at the start of each season. If you don’t want to post these line-up forms for the players to reference during, the game, please use the line-up boards provided by the league or however you prefer.
  4. If a player is late to the game and misses her batting order, she is out. Possibly consider putting late arrivals towards the bottom of your order.
  5. At the end of each inning, verify runs scored with the umpire, if not the entire score.
  6. Please evaluate your players all season and verify their current rating or suggest changes up or down. We appreciate your suggestions and comments about player performance as this helps us in the ongoing efforts to keep the teams balanced.
  7. You can only pick up other players to bring your roster up to 11. Substitute players will be noted on the lineup cards. They will bat at the end of the regular team lineup. Coaches will note the player’s rating and who they are playing for and that players rating as well. In any event, what the coaches agree on when exchanging the lineup cards is final.
  8. If a player shows up late, the substitute player and the late player can be in the game, however, the substitute player must be rotated in and out defensively for the rest of the game.
  9. Substitute players should be placed in the bottom of the lineup.
  10. If you are missing your pitcher but have 11 players, the coach has the option to pick up a pitcher from the approved list. If your pitcher comes late, the substitute pitcher should be rotated in and out defensively for the rest of the game.
  11. Only the Managers or Manager designee (when managers cannot make the games), are allowed to appeal a decision by an umpire. The Commissioners would like to establish a protocol for addressing your concerns about an umpire's call without it being a spectacle or shouting across the fields by the managers and/or other players. If you have an issue with the umpire's decision you may ask for timeout and meet with the manager and THE COACH from the opposing team. Whatever the issue, the umpire will give you his decision and his justification. Play will resume. If it is a misunderstanding of the rule, first refer to the rulebook contained in the Coaches' packet, or one of the Commissioners should be called into the conversation. If a game is finished under protest, the Commissioners and League Director will meet to decide if there is any correction or needed change to be made. We expect the protest action to be a rarity if at all. The umpires have a difficult enough job as do our managers and we want all games to be of the highest quality and dignity so that this League is truly a Recreational League. In certain unpredictable situations managers may discuss a mutually agreed upon course of action that does not fundamentally change these above rules. (i.e, use of another's team pitcher or player to bring both teams up to at least 11 players per team.)
  12. Any player that quits their assigned team or refuses to play their scheduled games are not allowed to be picked up as a sub or to change teams without majority approval of the Commissioners and the League Director prior to the change being approved. That player will be considered a disqualified player. The request for change shall only be in considered if it is written. Failure to comply may result in suspension for a period of time per discretion of the Commissioners.

The following are not in our rulebook, but we would appreciate your cooperation in these matters too:

  • Please RESPOND to your player’s communications – even if it’s just a “K” to acknowledge you got their message that they’re sick, hurt, out of town, otherwise indisposed and won’t be playing.
  • Please notifiy us if you have a player who will be out for some length of time so we can consider making permanent substitutions and we’ll do the same. ☺
  • Please “rein in your loud, enthusiastic players who take issues with the ump’s calls, - that’s your responsibility to do respectfully.

Thank you for stepping up to the plate and managing your team!!!