• Team Selection

Team Selection

The Senior Women's Legend League Softball utilize a draft system to create competitively viable teams and when the Commissioners feel a team needs help or that a team(s) are lopsided, players will be moved to another team to balance the league to reach this goal. We thank each player for their understanding as we know this can be difficult; however, it is our practice. By agreeing to play in the league, you are agreeing to this.

Total Player Involvement

It is beneficial to the team and player that each player is able to play more than one position based upon their abilities and limitations. We ask that the players keep in mind that:

Softball is a team game

Each manager who you may play for, may see your abilities and needs of the team in a different light then another manager.

Lines of Communication

Players should speak directly to their manager/designee if there is a need to ask questions, or handle concerns. The Manager or Coach will give you their response bases upon SWLL practices and the integrity of the game itself. The issue should be brought up in timely manner by the end of the game and they should be brought up in person or over the phone to your coach only. If you have a problem with your coach, you may bring it to the League Director’s attention, who will follow-up with the Commissioners and provide a written response when needed. The mangers shall advise any of the Board of Directors of their concerns if the issue is not resolved. No player shall discuss complaints with opposing coaches. The process for handling complaints about games has been provided above.

Game Attendance

Please arrive at the field 20 minutes before your game. If possible contact your coach by MONDAY if you are not going to be at Wednesday's game.

The coaching staff would like to STRESS that the players CONTACT their COACHES if they CANNOT

be at the GAME.

The coaching staff does realize that things come up and emergencies arise, but please try to call your coaches AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so substitute players can be found if needed. Your teammates and coaches count on you and they are all putting in their time and effort to make this league a success. Please put the Coaches and Board of Director’s numbers in your phone. Print out three copies of the schedule and Contact Sheets and put one on your refrigerator at home, one in your car, and on in your desk at work.

If a player continues to be a No Call/No Show, the coach will discuss this with the player, and if the issue if not resolved, the issue with be pushed up to the Board of Directors for further review.

ALSO: Please contact your coaches DIRECTLY by phone or email and please make sure you receive a response to ensure that your coach got your message. DO NOT contact the commissioners, the other coaches, or your teammates and tell them to tell your coach. CONTACT YOUR COACHES DIRECTLY!


It is extremely important for you to wear your shirts for every game. If you do not wear your shirt, your coach will discuss this with you and you may not be allowed to play that game. If you continue not wearing your shirt, it will be passed up to the Board of Directors for further review.

Speed of Game Play

The coaches would like to stress that…

The HOME team should be ON THE FIELD READY TO PLAY 5 minutes before the game is supposed to start, and the pitcher should be warming up, throwing practice pitches to the catcher.

The AWAY team should be IN THE DUGOUT READY TO PLAY 5 minutes before the game is supposed to start, and the first batter should be warming up and getting ready to walk into the batter’s box.

It is also important for the players to move to and from the field quickly to keep the game moving since in recent past seasons we have had a lot of issues with not having enough time to complete 7 innings.

Players are STRONGLY encouraged to stay inside the dugout when their team is up to bat. We understand that you may have friends, family, or relatives that you may feel the need to visit with in the bleachers but please try your best to resist that urge and stay in the dugout.

If you are outside the dugout talking to spectators in the stands or smoking, please pay attention at what is going on in the game. You need to be ready to bat if you are coming up in the lineup, or ready to go out to the field.


It is the player’s responsibility for advising the coaching staff of any injuries prior to the game and during the game. Only you can tell how bad it is and your safety and health is very important to us. If  any injury occurs on the field, the umpire will track the time and provide game time for the injury when possible. If you play in other leagues and are injured, please advise your coach ASAP so they may find a substitute so you can rest and get well.

League Insurance

The league only carries liability insurance on the players. This does not cover medical. Every player should have their own medical insurance. All players are encouraged to wear a helmet for an extra layer of protection. The League does not provide helmets.


Players and Coaches are strongly encouraged to have flashlights in their bags in case the field lights go out.

Personal Belongings

Please make sure you pick up all your personal belongings when you leave the field and please pick up and throw away any trash you may have in the designated receptacles distributed around the fields by Sarasota County.

Facebook & Website

You can find our Facebook page by searching for Englewood, FL SWLL. Once you request to be added you will have to wait for approval as our page is private. Our Facebook page is a fun way to share pictures and information with other players on the league. Rainouts, game times and other information will be posted on our page. The Senior Women’s Legends League Softball (SWLLS) website is located at www.womenssoftball.org.